Reliable Air Conditioning Repair in Mesquite

Mesquite, Texas is a popular place to work and live in North Texas. In fact, according to World Population Review, the population of Mesquite sits at about 152,000, making it the 22nd most populous city in Texas. That means businesses and homeowners alike must have reliable HVAC companies they can trust when their heating or air conditioning unit starts acting up or breaking down. 

At Lyons Air & Heat, our customers are number one above all else. Our certified HVAC technicians always provide good customer service and treat every property as if it were their own. Whether you need a simple HVAC system tune-up or a full AC unit replacement, we’ve got you covered. Next time you need HVAC services in Mesquite, TX, choose Lyons.

Mesquite, Texas Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Anyone who lives in or near Mesquite, Texas knows that having a working heating and cooling system is essential. The summers here can be brutal, and even the winters tend to dip into uncomfortably low extremes. Needless to say, your HVAC system certainly has its work cut out for it. That’s why it is important to have an HVAC company on call when your heater or air conditioner starts causing problems. 

At Lyons Air & Heat, our certified technicians provide the highest quality service for residential and commercial customers in the Mesquite area. For efficient and effective heating and air conditioning service you can trust, give us a call at 214) 717-6928 today.

Mesquite Air Conditioning Services

As we mentioned before (and as you likely already are completely aware of as a North Texas resident), summers here in Mesquite and the surrounding areas are intense. As a result, cool air is not only a luxury, but a necessity. Being without a working AC system can be more than uncomfortable; it can be deadly. Unfortunately, keeping up with the often triple digit temperatures we experienced can be a lot for most air conditioning units. 

If you’re experiencing trouble with your AC system, our Mesquite air conditioning repair technicians are ready to come to your rescue. Some of the North Texas AC services we offer include:

Mesquite TX AC Repair
  • Refrigerant Leak Repairs – Leaking refrigerants can significantly impact the function of your air conditioner. Our experienced air conditioning repair technicians will troubleshoot the leak, repair it, and recharge it so it can put up the best fight against the rigorous Texas heat.
  • Fixing Drainage Blocks – Drainage blockages can contribute to condensation forming within air conditioners. This additional moisture can increase humidity in a home or business while in turn decreasing energy efficiency and overall indoor comfort.
  • Troubleshooting Frozen Coils Frozen coils can present a severe risk to your HVAC system. Other underlying issues, including drain blockages, dirty air filters, and low refrigerant levels, typically play a role in this malfunction. Our Mesquite air conditioning repair technicians are prepared to troubleshoot the problem and get your air conditioning system back in working order right away.
  • Scheduled or Emergency Maintenance – Regularly scheduled or emergency AC repair and maintenance services help to prepare your air conditioning unit for the rigors of the Texas summer heat. Not only that, but routine AC tune-ups can drastically reduce spending on energy bills and enhance your indoor air quality.
  • AC Installation – Sometimes regular repairs and maintenance are only delaying the inevitable. Once cooling systems have reached the end of their useful life, the smartest thing to do for your home and budget is invest in a total air conditioning replacement. Keep your home cool and comfortable with a new AC unit installation performed by our experienced technicians.
Mesquite TX Heater Repair

Mesquite Heating Services

As hot as the summers get, you would think the winter months in Mesquite would be moderate at the very least. Unfortunately, our residents are all too familiar with bone-chilling weather during the colder months. Like with air conditioners in the summer, a working heat pump or furnace in the winter is a luxury, and many people don’t realize how much of a luxury this is until it is gone. 

When that happens, an experienced HVAC contractor from Lyons Air & Heat is waiting to help. Our Texas heating technicians are equipped to perform quality heating repair services on any HVAC equipment you may have. Whether you need a quick heat pump repair, routine tune-ups, or help installing an entirely new furnace, our team at Lyons has you covered. 

We provide excellent service on all major name brands and can handle HVAC projects of any size. Thinking about installing a new system in your home or business? Our heating and air conditioning service company is prepared to send one or multiple contractors to your location to get your Mesquite heating installation services squared away as soon as possible. If it’s not quite time to replace your heating/cooling system, we are also skilled at performing quick heater repairs and regular heating maintenance services. (We recommend yearly HVAC maintenance to keep your furnace or heating system operating correctly.)

Thermostat Repair and Installation 

If you suspect the thermostat of your heating and cooling system could use a reboot or upgrade, the Mesquite, Texas HVAC repair technicians at Lyons Air & Heat are happy to provide free estimates on our Smart Thermostat installation services. The smart technology we use is an advancement from your typical programmable thermostat. While programmable thermostats allow you to set a schedule for temperature control based on your unique climate needs, Smart Thermostats are capable of “learning” your everyday habits, schedule, and preferences. They will then apply this information to deliver ideal comfort with less energy use (meaning lower energy bills) throughout the day.

If Smart Thermostats aren’t your thing, we are also happy to provide repair and replacement services for traditional home and commercial thermostats. 

Improve Your Mesquite, TX Home or Business Indoor Air Quality

At Lyons Air & Heat, our HVAC services don’t stop at just repairing or replacing your heating and air conditioning system. We also provide superior indoor air quality control services in Mesquite, TX and the surrounding cities. As a home or business owner, it is important that you pay attention to the quality of the air that your family, friends, employees, or customers are breathing. Poor indoor air quality, created by things such dirty air ducts, poor circulation, and either an excess or lack of moisture in the air, can contribute to allergies and frequent bouts of sickness in your home.

Mesquite TX Indoor Air Quality Services (1)

Fortunately, the indoor air specialists at Lyons Air & Heat can help you make sure the air in your home or business is as clean and fresh as possible–all without the use of dangerous chemicals. One of the most efficient ways to achieve better indoor air quality is by installing a filtration device such as an Air Scrubber. Air Scrubbers are attached to an air duct system and use purification filters to remove harmful contaminants from the surrounding air. The ActivePure Technology in the Air Scrubbers our HVAC company uses has even been tested on the coronavirus and demonstrated a 99.98% surface kill rate of SARS-CoV-2 virus within 7 hours!

Emergency Heating and Cooling Repair Services

It’s not as if our heating or cooling equipment waits until typical business hours to cause problems. In fact, it often seems as though it chooses the hottest or coldest day of the year and the most inconvenient hour to break down. That’s why our heating and air conditioner repair experts at Lyons Air & Heat are happy to provide you with emergency repair service at any time and any day of the week. 

Whenever your heating or air conditioning unit gives out on you, we’ll send an AC repair technician out to your location in a timely manner and complete any necessary repairs or other HVAC work all at a reasonable price. Call today, tomorrow, or whenever you need us at  214) 717-6928!

Texas HVAC Maintenance Plan

Mesquite HVAC Maintenance Plan

Running over 3,000 hours a year, the average Texas HVAC unit can experience a lot of wear and tear if not properly maintained. The harder your system works, the more energy it requires to keep the whole system running. That’s why routine maintenance is important to keep your

heating-air conditioning system energy efficient and working properly. For superior performance, we recommend receiving two tune-ups a year; one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

It can be easy to forget to schedule regular maintenance services, but no worries! We have you covered there, too. When you sign up for our annual HVAC service plan, we’ll remind you when it’s time for us to come out and inspect your heating and cooling unit and give it that boost it needs to power through the season.

Plus, when you join the Cool Club, you get a lot more than just our great service twice a year. You’ll also receive benefits like:

  • Priority service
  • Priority scheduling
  • Your heating and cooling systems will be cleaned, adjusted, and checked for proper operation
  • Heating and air conditioning system safety checks
  • Code compliance checks
  • Professional maintenance tasks
  • Free filter replacements
  • Recommendations for furnace or air conditioner system repairs
  • Recommendations for system replacement
  • Special discounts on HVAC system repairs
  • No overtime or after hours charges

Call Mesquite’s Top Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors at Lyons Air & Heat Today

The experienced HVAC technicians at Lyons Air & Heat service all major brands of air conditioning and heating systems, but we know that AC repair (let alone AC installation) isn’t always cheap. That’s why we want to make sure you’re met with a fair price. Whether you require minimal repair service or an entirely new system, we have you covered with financing options to fit your budget. We also have special discounts and offers that you can take advantage of today!

Here at Lyons, great customer service is our number one priority. We make every effort to achieve complete customer satisfaction in every business and home project we take on. For a free estimate and quality workmanship every time, call the HVAC service professionals at Lyons Air & Heat at 214) 717-6928 today! We proudly provide heating-cooling services to Mesquite, Texas residents as well as all homes and businesses across the DFW-metroplex.

With decades of experience, you can rely on us for brand names you trust and exceptional service.

Heater Repair Mesquite TX

Air Conditioner Repair

Our experienced HVAC technicians in Rockwall ensure that every repair is performed correctly. If you need your AC repaired, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Air Conditioner Installation

Contact our heating and cooling specialists in Rockwall today for a free evaluation of your home or commercial unit installation. We offer high-efficiency units that will keep your home or office cool and help you save money on your energy bill.

Air Conditioner Service

AC units are like cars; they need to be maintained to run well. Our skilled HVAC technicians in Rockwall offer a variety of AC service and maintenance options. Everything from cleaning coils to adding freon, we have you covered.

Heating Repair

We are prepared to handle your heating or heater repair needs. If your furnace or heater needs repair, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Heater Installation

If you need to replace your heater and are considering installing a new one, contact us for a free estimate. We provide energy-efficient heaters and furnaces to keep you warm and cut down on energy costs.

Heater Service

Using the industry's best practices, our HVAC technicians in Rockwall make sure that your heater is running correctly. Furnaces do need regular maintenance to operate at their maximum efficiency.


HVAC Service Maintenance Plan

To save on utility bills and service calls, we urge you to take a preventive approach to heating and cooling. All of your heating and cooling systems should be included in a regular inspection and maintenance program.

Why Should You Sign Up for a Maintenance Agreement?

  • Maintenance of your air conditioning and heating systems is recommended by federal agencies such as the Energy Star program of the EPA and DOE.
  • The Public Utilities Commission of Texas recommends regular maintenance from trained technicians.
  • All HVAC manufacturers recommend regular maintenance, and many of their warranties are contingent upon proper maintenance.

Why is Maintenance Recommended?

  • The HVAC system functions more efficiently
  • It consumes less energy and drastically increases utility savings
  • Properly maintained systems last longer
  • Operate more reliably
  • Timely maintenance helps to eliminate untimely breakdowns
  • You can relax knowing that your AC/Heat system is tuned up and ready for the hard work ahead

What Does Our Maintenance Agreement Include?

  • Precision tune-up two times a year, once for heating and once for cooling
  • Your system gets cleaned, adjusted and checked for proper operation
  • Safety check
  • Code compliance check
  • Minor maintenance needs are included
  • Recommendations made for system improvements and repairs
  • Priority service
  • Discounts on repairs

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