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With regular maintenance by HVAC experts, you have a good chance of your air conditioning unit running for 10 or even 20 years. Air conditioning repair, when needed, can also help your system last. Eventually, however, air conditioning repair will become more trouble than it’s worth and you’ll need a full replacement.

When that happens, be sure to contact the licensed Rockwall HVAC technicians at Lyons Air & Heat in Rockwall, Texas. We’ve been helping the citizens of Rockwall and the surrounding areas with their residential heating, air conditioning, and other HVAC needs for years. Give our office a call at (214) 432-2859 or schedule a service call with a technician today. 

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When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

It’s hard to know when it’s the right time to replace your air conditioner. The lifespan of an AC unit is generally between 10-20 years, but aside from age, there are other signs that indicate it’s time for a new HVAC system. Let’s talk about some of them.

Signs it’s Time for AC Replacement

Throughout the life of your HVAC system, you can save money by having HVAC technicians regularly service your air conditioning system. However, AC repair service doesn’t always cut it, and a new air conditioning unit becomes necessary. 

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, give our Sachse HVAC pros a call at Lyons Air & Heat today and allow us to get your cooling system working properly.

Your Energy Costs Are Rising

As your system gets older, or if parts of it become damaged, it will start struggling to keep your whole house cool. It will also remain on much longer and require much more energy use to get your house down to a comfortable temperature. You’ll see your energy bills skyrocket, especially in a hot Texas summer. In this case, a completely new system may be necessary for maximum efficiency year-round. 

Your AC Unit is Outdated

An outdated AC system can cause any number of the cooling and heating issues we’ve mentioned here; but even if you haven’t necessarily started to experience an HVAC issue, it might be time to think about a new air conditioner. After all, you don’t want to wait until it’s the middle of June and your air conditioner has stopped working properly to consider a complete replacement. 

You Can’t Keep Your Home at a Comfortable Temperature

Similarly to our first point, as HVAC systems age or begin to break, they will have to work harder to keep your house cool. And sometimes, it simply won’t be able to keep up. You might get higher levels of humidity in the home or experience uneven heating and cooling during the summer and winter. 

Your Air Conditioning System is Noisy

Odd noises are a good sign that something is amiss with your air conditioner. Things like bangs, clangs, and whistling might indicate your AC is on the way out. While a good air duct cleaning could solve some noise issues, and a repair can sometimes stave off the inevitable, you’ll probably need to replace your entire air conditioning and heating system sooner rather than later.

Your Repair Costs Are Too High

This is the biggest sign that air conditioning repair is no longer enough to keep your system running. When the cost of an AC repair project is half or more than half of what installing a new unit would cost, most licensed HVAC technicians would tell you to go ahead and replace the entire HVAC system.   

Rockwall TX AC Replacement

Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioning Unit

There are many benefits that come with obtaining our Rockwall air conditioning installation services. For starters, it can positively impact everything from the comfort of your home to your wallet. Here are a few of the top benefits of a new install:

Reduced Energy Consumption

New air conditioning and heating systems are significantly more efficient than older ones. When installed properly, your air conditioner will keep you cooler in the summer, and your heater will keep you warmer in the winter, all while using up less energy.

And using less energy, of course, leads to…

Lower Utility Bills

When your AC is keeping you cool and using less energy, your utility bills will be a lot lower. If you want to know exactly how much money you’re saving, you can check the yellow EnergyGuide sticker on your AC, or you can talk to a Plano HVAC technician on our team of experts.

A More Comfortable Home

When your air conditioning is beginning to go out, you’ll experience a variety of heating and cooling problems–cold spots, rooms in the house with higher levels of humidity, and a general lack of comfort. With a complete replacement, your air conditioning and heating systems will keep your house an even, desirable temperature year-round.

Increased Indoor Air Quality

Along with keeping your home comfortable, your heating and cooling system is responsible for keeping your air clean. Your air conditioning filters trap any dust and debris blowing around in your air ducts and keep it from blowing around in your house. New heating and cooling systems offer indoor air quality technology that will help cut down on dust and mold even further.

Enhanced Durability

Heating and air conditioning installation is a bit of a daunting project–one you probably won’t want to undertake twice too close together. That’s why you need HVAC service from a skilled technician at Lyons Air & Heat in Rockwall, TX! When your HVAC is installed properly by an expert, it will operate more smoothly and last much longer. In addition, a new installation will be better protected from weather and corrosion than an older installation.

Rockwall TX Air Conditioning Replacement

Other HVAC Services We Offer 

An HVAC doesn’t just run smoothly until one day it doesn’t; it requires regular maintenance and repair throughout its lifetime. As such, a complete replacement isn’t the only service we offer to our customers in Rockwall, TX. Here are some of the other services we offer at competitive prices:

Heating Services

Though you may think air conditioning is what you need to focus on with our hot Texas summers, the winter months can be pretty unbearable if your furnace or your heat pump goes out. Regular heater maintenance is one of our most crucial services to help a customer stay warm through the winter. Part of our maintenance plan would involve sending a technician out to your home before the temperature drops too much to make sure your furnace is ready to go.

If you’re having issues with your heating or your house simply doesn’t feel warm enough, we can send a service tech out for a furnace tune-up, heating repair, check up on your heat pump, or to perform a good thorough cleaning of your heater. If your heater still isn’t performing up to scratch, we can also get you a brand new heating system and install it for you.

Air Duct Maintenance

At Lyons Air & Heat, we are happy to provide our customers with routine maintenance and repair your AC ducts. Regular duct cleaning can keep your air conditioning running smoothly as well as keep the air in your house clean. 

Additionally, when a duct becomes clogged or begins to leak, customers will experience a significant decline in the efficiency of their heating, air conditioning, and air purification systems. This could be a simple, quick fix or require a replacement of your duct system.

Air Duct

Installation of brand new Replacementducts can be an extensive project; broken, clogged, or leaky ducts can sometimes be salvaged with a repair, but eventually, new air duct installation will be required. Our top Rowlett HVAC company provides air duct service, repair, and replacements.   

Air Scrubber Services

According to the EPA, residential indoor air pollution can be up to five times more dangerous than outdoor pollution. 

In addition to AC duct repair, our company also provides Rockwall air scrubber services to help you keep the air in your house clean and healthy. Air scrubbers are special filters a technician will install within the air ducts to catch dirt and debris.  

HVAC Tune-Ups

Our company offers tune-up services for all your Rockwall air conditioning service needs. This can help you save in the long run on things like heating repair and AC repair. Regular tune-ups will fix many issues you may have with heaters or your AC giving out in the middle of winter or summer.  

Regular Maintenance Services

Similarly to our tune-up services, we can also set up a regular HVAC maintenance plan for any customer in Rockwall, TX or the surrounding areas. This service rewards those who sign up with priority service and scheduling, free filter replacements, no overtime charges, as well as recommendations on things like heating repair and AC repair and replacements. 

With our maintenance service, customers will also receive two tune-up services per year: one for heating, and one for cooling.

Financing Options

All of our customers in the Rockwall, TX area can receive our excellent service without breaking the bank. We offer financing options for all AC and heating repair needs, as well as a variety of HVAC discounts and coupons. Please feel free to contact us for more information about financing.    

Rockwall TX Air Conditioning Replacement Services

Free Estimates and Second Opinions in Rockwall, TX

Getting service on your HVAC system can be a stressful project for any homeowner, as there are a variety of different options, products, and components to your AC system that may need repair or replacing. If you want advice on what service you might need, whether or not it’s time to replace your unit, or simply a free estimate on what a certain project will cost you, give us a call at Lyons Air & Heat today!

Call Lyons Air & Heat for Top Air Conditioning Replacement Services in North Texas

At Lyons, we’re a consummate professional company and can provide you with everything you need when it comes to high-quality HVAC services, from air conditioning repair to heating repair, maintenance, installation, and beyond! You can call us directly at (214) 432-2859 or schedule a service call here. You can also reach out to us online! We look forward to providing you with exceptional AC replacement services as well as any other residential or commercial HVAC service you need!

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