Electrician Rockwall, TX

Professional Rockwall Electrical Repair Services

At Lyons Electric, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing reliable electrician services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Whatever your electrical issue, whether you’re upgrading your home’s electrical system, tackling unexpected repairs, or installing cutting-edge smart home devices, we ensure quality work that stands the test of time. 

Lyons understands the importance of addressing your electrical needs with precision and care. With years of experience under our belts, we are equipped to handle projects of any size with professionalism and great service, guaranteed. Trust us to bring safe, efficient, and effective solutions to your doorstep, ensuring your Rockwall, TX home and/or business are powered correctly and safely. 

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Electrician Rockwall, TX

Our Rockwall Electrical Services

Our local electricians at Lyons are ready to tackle the electrical needs of home and property owners in Rockwall, Texas and the surrounding areas. From thorough electric inspections and timely repairs to comprehensive home rewiring and efficient lighting installations, we offer a wide range of services designed to enhance and protect your property. 

Explore the many services we offer below to see how we can meet your electrical service needs!

Electrical Safety Inspections

Lyons prioritizes the safety and efficiency of electrical systems in both residential and commercial properties. Our comprehensive electrical safety inspections are designed to identify potential hazards and ensure that all components of your electrical system comply with the latest safety standards. 

Our team of licensed electricians inspects wiring, circuits, appliances, and panels to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your space is secure and your electrical systems are operating properly. 

Electrical Repairs

Lyons Electric also provides electrical troubleshooting and repairs to address a wide range of electrical issues. We are equipped to diagnose problems quickly and accurately, from flickering lights and frequent circuit breaker trips to more complex issues like faulty wiring. 

Our Rockwall electricians use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that every repair is carried out with precision, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency or simply need some routine maintenance, you can rely on a master electrician at Lyons to restore and enhance the performance of your electrical systems.

Home Rewiring 

Our home rewiring services ensure that your electric systems meet the latest safety standards and efficiency guidelines. Whether you live in an older home that needs an electrical upgrade or are remodeling your property, our Rockwall electric professionals handle every aspect of the rewiring process with care. We can replace outdated wiring, install new circuits, and ensure that all connections are secure and up to code, providing a reliable solution tailored to your needs.

Rockwall Electrician

Lighting Solutions (Indoor and Outdoor)

For comprehensive indoor and outdoor lighting installation in Rockwall, as well as the installation of other electric fixtures, look no further than the electric experts at Lyons! Our services include everything from electrical lighting grounding to ensure safety and functionality, to the installation of new lighting systems that transform the ambiance and efficiency of any space. 

Whether you’re looking to install energy-efficient LED lights, an elegant ceiling fan, or outdoor landscape lighting solutions, our team can handle it all. 

GFCI Installation

Lyons Electric is also dedicated to enhancing safety in homes and businesses with expert GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) installations. These devices are incredibly important for areas exposed to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. By automatically cutting off power when a fault is detected, GFCIs protect both residents and sensitive electronics. 

So, whether you’re looking to install a GFCI electrical outlet or a breaker, our licensed electricians ensure that your property is protected against the risks of electrical shocks and short circuits. 

Electrical Panel Installation

Upgrading or installing new electrical panels can be crucial for safety and efficiency, particularly in older buildings or in properties where the addition of new appliances and systems increases electrical load. Our electric panel installation services in Rockwall ensure that your home or business has a strong and reliable electrical system capable of meeting your power demands. 

We’ll assess both your current and future needs, providing solutions that optimize power distribution and minimize risks. 

With new electrical panels installed by Lyons, you can expect enhanced electrical performance and improved safety features, designed to keep your property safe and compliant with all electrical codes and standards.

Home Surge Protection

A power surge refers to a rapid spike in voltage that surpasses the usual levels within an electrical circuit. These surges can be triggered by things such as a lightning strike, power outages, and electric circuit overloads. To protect your home from sudden power surges, Lyons is proud to offer advanced home surge protection solutions

By installing top-of-the-line surge protectors at critical points within your home’s electrical system, we ensure that all your appliances and electronics are protected from unexpected voltage spikes, preventing costly damages while also extending the life of your electrical devices. 

Rockwall Electric Repair Services

Smart Home Installations

Lyons is at the forefront of integrating modern technology into homes and businesses with our comprehensive smart home installations. We specialize in transforming traditional living spaces into intelligent environments that enhance comfort, efficiency, and security. Our experienced Rockwall technicians collaborate with you to design and implement customized smart home solutions that can include everything from automated lighting and climate control to advanced security systems and voice-activated devices.

By using the latest in smart technology, Lyons ensures that your home is connected and controllable from anywhere, providing both convenience and peace of mind. Let us help bring your smart home vision to life.

Backup Generators

We recognize the importance of uninterrupted power, especially in areas prone to severe weather. That’s why we provide professional backup generator installation services to residents and businesses in Rockwall and the surrounding areas. Our experienced electricians ensure that each installation is tailored to meet the specific energy requirements of your property, providing a reliable power source during outages. 

We handle everything from selecting the right generator that fits your needs to the complete setup and integration with your existing electrical systems. With a backup generator installed by Lyons, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home or business will remain operational and safe during power interruptions, no matter the weather conditions.

Commercial Electrical Services in Rockwall, TX

Whether you’re a small family business owner, the manager of a local franchise, or part of a larger corporation, Lyons Electric has built a reputation for doing a wonderful job installing and maintaining electrical systems for a wide range of commercial clients across North Texas. Our team combines personal attention with professionalism, ensuring that each project meets the highest standards of quality and safety. 

From upgrading outdated wiring to setting up a new electrical infrastructure, Lyons is dedicated to providing top-notch services that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Rockwall Electrical Services

How To Handle Electrical Emergencies

Handling electrical emergencies requires immediate action. If you encounter any signs of a potentially dangerous electric situation, it’s crucial to contact a master electrician ASAP. Below are some common electrical emergencies that typically require the immediate attention of a qualified electrician:

  • Power Outages: If your home or business is the only one in the area without power, it could indicate an internal problem that needs professional attention.
  • Exposed Wires: Any exposed or frayed wiring is a serious safety hazard and requires urgent repair to prevent shocks or fires.
  • Electrical Fires: If you notice a burning smell from outlets or see sparks, switch off the main power and call an electrician immediately.
  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping: If your circuit breakers frequently trip, it might suggest an overload or a fault in your electrical system..
  • Shocks from Appliances or Fixtures: Receiving an electric shock when touching appliances or other fixtures often indicates grounding issues or faults in the appliance.
  • Buzzing Noises from Electrical Panels or Outlets: Such noises could signal loose connections, faulty wiring, or other potentially dangerous problems.
  • Overloaded Outlets or Extension Cords: Overheating and damage can occur from overuse of extension cords or too many appliances plugged into one outlet, posing fire risks.
  • Lightning Strike Aftermath: If your property has been hit by lightning, your electrical system should be inspected for damage that might not be immediately evident.

At Lyons, we provide rapid response services for such emergencies, staffed by certified professionals who specialize in quickly diagnosing and resolving electrical hazards. Our experienced electricians in Rockwall are trained to tackle urgent issues, preventing further damage or risk to safety. 

Remember, attempting to handle electrical emergencies without proper training can result in serious injury or worse. Always rely on qualified experts like those at Lyons Electric to secure your property and safety.

Electricians in Rockwall, TX

Why Choose Lyons?

As a locally owned and reputable company, Lyons has established itself as a trusted HVAC service and plumbing service provider here in the Rockwall community. In addition to these service areas, we are also quickly becoming the go-to electrician for many electrical customers in the area. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of our service—from initial consultation to project completion. We prioritize great communication, ensuring that our clients are informed and comfortable throughout the duration of their electrical projects. Whether it’s a simple repair, a complex installation, or routine maintenance services, our team handles each and every particular task with the same level of attention and expertise.

Choosing Lyons for your electrical work also means opting for a service provider that combines reasonable pricing with high-quality outcomes. Our long-standing presence in the community has been built on a foundation of trust and positive customer feedback, making us a preferred choice for those who value professionalism, efficiency, and all-around great work.

Professional Rockwall Electrical Repair Services

Contact the Professional Electricians at Lyons for Commercial and Residential Electrical Services in Rockwall, Texas

If you’re experiencing electrical problems in Rockwall, Texas, or any of the surrounding communities, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local electrician here at Lyons. Our skilled team is ready to assist you with reliable solutions and expert advice. Plus, in addition to electrical services, our team also offers HVAC services and plumbing services for residential commercial clients in the area. 

We provide free estimates to help you make informed decisions without any initial commitment. So, whether it’s a routine check or an urgent fix, trust Lyons to deliver prompt, professional, and affordable solutions. For more information or to schedule a service, call  (214) 432-2859 or reach out online today!

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