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Here at Lyons Air & Heat, we are proud to provide exceptional heating and air conditioning services in the Rockwall area, including HVAC zoning system services. Our experienced Rockwall HVAC technicians offer prompt, professional, and exceptional HVAC zoning services to residential and commercial clients in the area. With four decades of experience and high-quality work under our belt, you can rely on our certified professionals to help you stay relaxed and comfortable all year round.

Rockwall Texas HVAC Zoning Service

What is an HVAC Zoning System?

An HVAC zoning system allows homeowners to customize different areas in their houses to a set temperature. Want your bedroom colder than your living room for a better night’s sleep? Lyons Air and Heat has you covered. This zoning system works in conjunction with your heating and cooling system by using zone dampers in your ductwork to redirect air to specific locations in your home. We will use the existing system you already have and modify it for your comfort. If you prefer a newly installed unit with all-new ductwork, our licensed technicians are here to provide that for you, too.

Do I Need an HVAC Zoning System?

You will get the most of out of HVAC zoning if you have one or more of the following:

  • A basement
  • A living space in the attic
  • Large windows
  • A sunroom
  • Open floor plan
  • One or more wings
  • Multi-story home
  • High ceilings

Zoned Heating System

A zoned heating system uses your existing central heating system to push warm air to a specific room your desired temperature. Your home will have multiple thermostats you can control. You will have a control panel to access each area in your home to monitor your zones. Each zone will also have its own thermostat.

Air Conditioning Zoning Systems

With an air conditioning zoning system, you can independently cool each room you desire to a set temperature. This makes it a better option than just having a traditional HVAC system to address your cooling needs. 

Benefits of Zoned Heating and Cooling 

We can all appreciate being in absolute control of our own living space, and installing zoning to your home allows just that. A home zoning system allows you to set different areas of your home to different temperatures, which has a number of benefits all on its own. For one, it is incredibly energy efficient. When one room is unoccupied, you can minimize and control that airflow, and thus, save energy consumption each month. This in turn helps you save money on unnecessary heating and cooling. 

Rockwall Texas HVAC Zoning Services

HVAC Zoning System Cost

Most basic systems begin with two zones, one upstairs and one downstairs. However, if two or more zones are needed, we can add them to your existing HVAC system. The cost for your new zoned system ranges from $3,000 for one room cooling option and up to $15,000 or more for multiple zone heating and cooling. 

Typical zoned air conditioning and heating systems pay for themselves in about two to four years. Moreover, most HVAC systems last on average fifteen to twenty years. This is a worthy investment to free up your wallet and simplify your life. Your energy savings alone can help provide a stress-free lifestyle. Lyons Air and Heat is here to help you with that. Our cost will range on each unit and zone that we provide. 

HVAC Zoning System FAQs

Yes, even if you just have a single air handler or furnace connected to a single compressor or heat pump, you can add home zoning features to your existing system.
Absolutely! It is using less energy and is helping get your desired temperature throughout your home.
When we install an HVAC zoning system, we divide your home into zones. Once divided into zones, you will have a thermostat installed within each zone. Each thermostat is set to control its zone. These are all connected to one central control panel in your home. From those panels are dampers, which are valves that regulate airflow inside your home’s duct. If you use a multi-zone ductless cooling system instead of central air conditioning, dampers will be installed at the air outlet on each system. Dampers can open and close. When certain zones need airflow, the dampers will allow the air you choose, hot or cold, to pass through. When your temperature has been reached, the dampers will close and stop that airflow. You can control all zones in your home on the control panel or use each individual thermostat. The central control panel signals your air conditioning to turn on. As the heating or cooling device kicks on, the central control panel will open all the ducts associated with the zone requiring a temperature change, but keep the other zones duct closed. This allows your zone to be based on your needs and your needs only.
With each zone, you will have a zone control panel. Instead of your whole house being the same temperature, the central control panel helps each room stay customized to your comfort and efficiency. For instance, in the summer, you only need to turn on the air conditioning in rooms you are using. This is the same concept as turning off a light switch in a room that is not being used. You wouldn’t leave all the lights on in your home when you are only in one room. Having only one thermostat pushing heated or cooled air throughout your home is a waste. And who doesn’t like saving energy? We sure do!

Depending on your home, we would recommend the most basic system with two zones. One upstairs and one downstairs. More may be needed if you consider the individual needs of each person in your home. Different rooms or areas may require different zones. Does one of your rooms have large windows? That area may have cool or warm air coming through. Your current air conditioner may be working extra hard to provide your whole house to your desired temperature.

Do family members have different temperature preferences? You may want to consider a separate zone for each bedroom so each person can adjust their space according to their comfort level. We are here as HVAC contractors to help you figure out the right HVAC zones for your home. We want your entire household to be happy and comfortable, so give us a call today for your HVAC zoning system installation needs!

Rockwall HVAC Zoning Services

Interested in a Home HVAC Zoned System? Call Lyons Air & Heat Today!

The certified technicians at Lyons Air and Heat provide commercial and residential home zoning installations and repairs in Rockwall, Dallas, Fort Worth, and all surrounding areas. You can get a free quote for all makes and models of AC units to completely transform your home. Our knowledge and years of experience allow us to complete the job right the first time around. In the heat of our hot Texas summers, it is vital to have comfort in your own home. We are here to provide that for you. 

Lyons Air and Heat is a family-owned business. We pride ourselves on the loyalty and customer satisfaction we provide. It is our duty in the HVAC field to make sure all of our customers feel confident that we will be there in a swift, timely manner to meet the needs of your entire house. For a free estimate, give us a call at (214) 432-2859.

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