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Updated: Apr 6

Lyons Air and Heat offers prompt, professional, and exceptional air conditioning repair service and HVAC maintenance to residential and commercial clients in Rockwall, Texas. With four decades of experience, you can rely on us to help you stay relaxed and comfortable when the mercury starts to rise!

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Air Conditioning Basics

A properly functioning AC unit plays a significant role in controlling the temperature and humidity inside your home. Each time the unit cycles on, it transfers hot indoor air outside your residence.

During this transfer, a chemical refrigerant absorbs excess heat by way of an indoor evaporator coil. This heat gets distributed throughout a pipe system that disperses when it reaches the outside condenser coil. A fan assists in transferring the heat away from the unit, which keeps the unit running smoothly.

All of these vital components work in synchronicity to dehumidify and cool the indoor air. Once treated, it gets circulated through the ductwork of your home.

A/C repair, maintenance, and an occasional tune-up of your central air unit can also prove helpful in keeping your HVAC system running at optimal levels. Call our team of air conditioning service repair technicians in Rockwall for a consultation.

What To Do When Your AC Unit Fails

Like all types of appliances, regular use and wear can result in breakdowns or system degradation over time. If you're experiencing unexpected issues with your cooling system, the sooner you schedule an air conditioning repair service call with our experienced technicians in Rockwall, the better.

Experienced HVAC technicians from Lyons Air and Heat accurately troubleshoot issues and can complete routine maintenance and emergency repairs on all air conditioning models and makes.

We take care to ensure that our technicians carry needed spare parts on their service trucks so they can finish most required repairs without delays.

New Air Conditioning Unit Installation

In some cases, it's more economically feasible to replace old, outdated, or faulty A/C units with a new HVAC system instead of making repairs.

Today's modern air conditioning units offer higher levels of efficiency, all around. With a new HVAC system installation, you'll experience higher levels of comfort within your home. Additionally, you're likely to see your overall energy costs level out.

Lyons Air and Heating offers convenient financing options for qualified homeowners to help make the costs of installing a new heating and cooling unit to your home more affordable.

Maintenance Plans Keep Your Unit Running Optimally

If you have recently installed a new air conditioning unit, regular maintenance helps extend your system's lifespan and operational health.

Our HVAC maintenance plan offers Rockwall homeowners the convenience they need. After a significant investment, getting your unit inspected regularly helps to preserve the integrity of your HVAC unit.

If you're interested in averting the need for significant repairs, saving money on your monthly energy bills, and ensuring that your unit runs optimally, contact us for more information on our services.

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