Don't Make These Home Heating Mistakes

When the temperatures drop, there's nothing more comforting than having a warm home. To make sure that you don't suffer from shock when your energy bill arrives, be sure to avoid making these common home heating mistakes.

Raising The Thermostat

While it seems plausible that raising the temperature on your thermostat will heat your home faster, this isn't the case. Regardless of what temperature you have the thermostat set to, your HVAC system operates at one speed. Cranking up the heat, as it's often called, only forces your heater to run harder, which will raise your monthly energy bill.

Gaps In Window And Door Insulation

One of the biggest culprits for losing indoor treated air is the small gaps between doors and windows. Despite their relatively minuscule size, these cracks allow a significant amount of indoor treated air to escape, putting more demands on your HVAC system to maintain indoor temperatures. Fortunately, weatherstripping and draft stoppers are both relatively inexpensive ways to minimize loss of indoor treated air. If you're unable to complete this project yourself, you can always call on a reputable HVAC company to complete the job.

Depending On Secondary Heat Sources

It isn't unusual for homeowners to have a fireplace or space heaters to provide warmth. However, it would be best to avoid using them as your primary heat source, as they are expensive to run and could pose fire hazards. At best, these heating systems should get used sparingly for temporary heating needs.

Shutting Vents And Doors

It seems sensible to close vents and doors to unused or barely used rooms in your home when you turn the heat on. But you have to remember that your HVAC performs best when the system flows in the way it's intended. Blocked and closed vents force your HVAC to work harder to move airflow and contribute to higher monthly energy bills.

Outdated Thermostat

Your home thermostat is essentially the "brain" behind your entire heating system. Having a non-programmable thermostat that keeps your furnace running all day and night can contribute to higher energy expenses. Many of today's popular thermostats have programmable and smart features empower homeowners to take greater control of their environment.

For instance, temps can get set lower overnight or during times when no one is home. You might be surprised to learn overhauling the settings can help you achieve as much as 10% energy savings.

HVAC Services In Rockwall, Texas

If you need to ready your HVAC system for the cold season in Rockwall, Texas, rely on Lyon's Air & Heat to get you prepared. Our HVAC company is available to assist with all your residential heating and cooling needs.

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