What is the Best Brand Air Conditioning System to Buy?

What is the best brand air conditioning system to buy on the market? That’s a great question and one I dont begin to answer without much thought and research. I will say this  ” a system is only as good , as the company who installs it.” What does that mean you might ask? Some companies don’t size their systems correctly, and  some companies don’t install their systems correctly either. According to Consumer’s Report ” finding a trustworthy contractor is what matters most. ” If  a company doesn’t do a load calculation on a home they can’t be sure what size system you need. If they undersize it, you could have serious cooling problems, if they go with the same size that was existing, it may have been wrong from the beginning. Most of the time when contractors build homes they will cut cost any where they can including Hvac. That includes: poor quality work, no sizing , cheaper is better mind set. If a system is oversized you can have humidity problems, and the system will not last as long as it should because of all the short cycling (starting and stopping) , it also is less efficient. Does your car get better gas mileage on the freeway or inner city driving? Freeways of course, that’s what we are after , long , even, heating and cooling cycles with a properly sized system.

So which Brand is best?

First, keep in mind that a quality installation is what really matters most. According to U.S Department of Energy, and Consumer’s Report.

Second, if it’s a home you are renting, contractor grade may not be a bad idea to save on cost, in my opinion , Payne is made by Carrier, and is the best contactor grade equipment you can buy. What else do I consider contractor grade: Goodman, Amana (same thing), Rheem, Ruud, Coleman, Heil, etc., just to name the biggest ones out there.

What’s the Quality Higher End Brands on the market? Carrier, Bryant, Trane, American Standard, Lennox, & York.

These companies have been around for a long time and if you have problems they are more likely to make sure your satisfied than the cheaper contractor grade brands. They have a great reputation and that’s why they have been around as long as they have.

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